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The Sunday Soul Session hosted by ‘BIG’ Jim Mulroy aka ‘BIG’ Jim RELISH.

Jim’s Sunday Soul Session covers all genres of Music with Soul as he lives by the mantra of ”If a record’s got soul, I’m usually gonna dig it and I'll more than likely play it!”.  

Barbara-Anne O'Reagan loves to keep it positive and upbeat and has a varied taste in music.

I’m a professional DJ since 2018, presenting on Ballina Community Radio.   Gallery  

He is the host of The Country Session and loves doing his show because he gets the opportunity to play a lot of local talent that you would not here on any other radio station.

Growing up in England in the 50’s Shireen listened to the BBC, always wanting to be a presenter. She used her Grandma’s big wooden spoon as her microphone while ‘presenting’ her own show!

Matthew O'Hora presents two shows on BCRFM allowing him to mix up the music selection!

Paul Dixon radio presenter of A Box of Delights. Music for everyone - from old favourites to cutting-edge contemporary - and a few surprises too. It’s a box of delights, so tune in, sit back, and enjoy!