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A Box of Delights

Tune in, sit back, and enjoy it!

Box of Delights
Paul Dixon grew up listening to music, and has been a keen collector of records and CDs for over 50 years. The first record he bought, in 1965, was the 7” single ‘My Generation’ by the Who. ‘I was lucky’ says Paul, ‘to have been a teenager during the explosion of musical and artistic inventiveness that happened in the late 1960’s. I realised then that all music is interconnected, and started to explore the vast repertoire that had gone before – including jazz, rock and roll, folk, blues, traditional, and classical, as well as lots of other stuff that doesn’t really fit into any category’.
The musical discovery is still going on, and to share this with others, Paul began broadcasting on BCRFM in 2015 – and he’s been doing so ever since. ‘It has been great’ says Paul, ‘to  be involved in Ballina Community Radio. Not only do I get to play wonderful music over the airwaves, but my work with the station is also a way of giving something back to the community I’ve lived and worked in for most of my life’.


Paul Dixon radio presenter of A Box of Delights. Music for everyone – from old favourites to cutting-edge contemporary – and a few surprises too. It’s a box of delights, so tune in, sit back, and enjoy!