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Galway’s sovereign prophet in residence, The Curly Organ, presents a very special Lockdown edition of our podcast Going Coastal.

The Curly Organ (AKA Donal McConnon) is a special kind of artist, as comfortable in the recording studio as in a field performing non-verbal musical conversations with strangers. Perhaps better known as a key component of the nationally-loved prog-folk outfit My Fellow Sponges, The Curly Organ has taken much of the spontaneous energy and genre-fusing acrobatics of that band and distilled them into a truly unique live experience – one in which he takes the audience gently by the hand and guides them calmly through a museum of human experiences, both the extreme and the banal.



Not Bad is a website with a focus on connecting music makers and music fans on the west coast of Ireland. The website features articles on the latest music from Donegal, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick, Kerry, and Cork as well as advice for up-and-coming artists and features about music history from this part of the world.

Going Coastal is a podcast for notbad.ie, broadcast on several community radio stations including Flirt Fm101.3, BCRFM, and RosFm.

Each week a different music maker from the west of Ireland hosts the show and plays songs that have influenced their music. 


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Going Coastal crew

David Boland is a songwriter and filmmaker (New Pope) with a background in event curation, festival production, community development and digital media. Originally from Donegal, he is the founder of Galway music collective Citog Records, co-founder of platform cooperative An Ait Eile, booker for original music night Eclectics in The Black Gate and production manager for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture youth music project Livefeed.