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Going Coastal 12 w/ Neptune M Sunday 20th September, 2 pm 

Going Coastal is a podcast for Not Bad, broadcast on Flirt Fm 101.3, BCRFM 101.9 and Ros Fm 94.6. Each week a different music maker from the west of Ireland hosts the show and plays songs that have influenced their music and songs they love. This week’s episode was recorded in Donegal by Neptune M and features fellow northwestern artists Blackbird & Crow, Joel Harkin and Strength NIA.

Neptune M is an original music artist hailing from Donegal. With a repertoire consisting of self-penned lyric led numbers, Neptune’s principal intention is to captivate and stir her audience. Her voice is typically accompanied by soft electric guitar – striving to deliver the full spectrum of emotions encased in each song’s narrative. Influences include Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Lianne La Havas, Nina Simone and Bjork. She is currently recording her debut EP which shall be released in the near future.


Chest - Strength NIA (& Neptune M.)

No Recycling - Joel Harkin

Margaret The Martyr - Blackbird & Crow

Oil and Water - Lemoncello

So Real - Jeff Buckley

Mississippi Goddam - Nina Simone

Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye - Leonard Cohen

Blissing Me - Bjork

CYANIDE - Daniel Caesar

Pink Matter - Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000

Lay Down - Melanie

Not Bad is a website with a focus on connecting music makers and music fans on the west coast of Ireland. The website features articles on the latest music from Donegal, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick, Kerry, and Cork as well as advice for up-and-coming artists and features about music history from this part of the world.

Going Coastal is a podcast for notbad.ie, broadcast on Flirt Fm101.3, BCRFM, and RosFm.

Each week a different music maker from the west of Ireland hosts the show and plays songs that have influenced their music. 


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Going Coastal crew

David Boland is a songwriter and filmmaker (New Pope) with a background in event curation, festival production, community development and digital media. Originally from Donegal, he is the founder of Galway music collective Citog Records, co-founder of platform cooperative An Ait Eile, booker for original music night Eclectics in The Black Gate and production manager for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture youth music project Livefeed.