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Padraig Moran / Sponsorship, Presenter

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The Country Sesssion

The best of country!

Padraig Moran has been playing music for 43 years with different bands.¬† His favourite type of music is country and western and rock n roll. Padraig is with BCRFM since the very first public meeting back in October 2013. He is the host of The Country Session and loves doing his show because he gets the opportunity to play a lot of local talent that you would not here on any other radio station. He frequently has guests come in for interviews such as Gerry Guthrie¬† and Johnny Duhan and many more. When Padriag is not on air you’re likely to find him on the golf course and supporting Ballina town. BCRFM is a great way to let the community know what is happening in Ballina and the surrounding areas.